About Us

Farmer Jen is originally a country girl from South Australia and together with her husband Ric, they run Eagle Rock Farm, a working farm in the Southern Highlands, about 2 hours south of Sydney CBD. Together Jen and Ric, with their small son and their naughty beagles, produce a range of livestock for sale as pets or for meat production. For more information, see our livestock page.

After leaving the folds of her small country community at only 17 years of age, Jen went on to enjoy a successful career in finance and management consulting spanning diverse industries, international borders and a host of Fortune 500 companies. These days she spends her time with one foot in the city and the other in the country at Eagle Rock, and often finds time to compare the lessons she learned in her corporate life and at business school with what she learned growing up on the land and returning to it in more recent years.

Occasionally Jen opens the gates of Eagle Rock Farm to the public so you can visit and meet the animal characters Jen writes about. Contact us for more information or to find out more.