It simply has to come down.  We knew that even before we moved to Eagle Rock a year ago, but like most things on our farm, it’s not as simple as it seems!

First we had to have a huge 2,000 litre gas tank beneath the tree removed – with 20 tonne of tree to come crashing down, we didn’t need an explosion to add to the spectacle!

Then we had to find someone willing and able to bring it down – and being in close proximity to the house, that wasn’t easy, with a number of people politely declining our request to fell the tree!  Fortunately Glenn from Southern Highlands Tree Services came to the rescue and agreed to take on the job (though he did admit to a few nightmares before the big day!)

Finally, the time had come, and Ric was out there on hand, guiding a steel cable through the tree and out to the paddock where the tractor provided just a little bit of encouragement to keep the tree pointed in the right direction.  The back limb on the tree was brought down first (right onto the spot where the bulk gas bottle previously sat!) which disrupted a hive of bees who’d made their home in the hollowed branches.  (Sadly I didn’t have the camera rolling to film the reaction of the bees and the chase that ensued around the front yard as Ric made a mad dash away from them!)

Finally Glenn ordered everyone out of the house as her brought the majestic old giant crashing down… And here’s what that looked like:

So that’s one more job off my to do list… now I better get on with the rest!