25 04, 2013

Donkey foals now available – white, grey, brown and chestnut colours

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Hi everyone I am so excited to introduce you to some of our 2013 that are finally listed on the website for purchase.  For the […]

9 01, 2013

Keeping Cows – Can Anyone Do It?

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Question:  Hi Famer Jen, I was hoping to pick your brain, we are just about to move to a 5.4 acre property and my husband […]

10 10, 2012

Biting lice are on the move – time to treat your animials if you’re in prone areas

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My poor old donkeys always get a fair dose of the itches from biting lice as the warm weather comes in.  If you’re in an […]

23 07, 2012

Does a Donkey Need Another Long Eared Friend? And Do You Have Any Tips For Using a Donkey For Herd Protection

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I received this question from Karen via the website and thought it was possibly worth sharing my response:


We are in the process of buying a […]

18 07, 2012

When the Tree is Dead and Overhanging the House, and the Termites Have Set In, There’s Only One Thing to do…

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It simply has to come down.  We knew that even before we moved to Eagle Rock a year ago, but like most things on our […]

25 06, 2012

So… you want to be a farmer? Spend 2 days with us before you spend your life savings, to find out what’s really involved

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Join us for a 2 day residential tutorial – on 1st and 2nd September – where you can come and stay at Eagle Rock Farm, […]

20 06, 2012

Breaking News: Announcing our Open Days at Eagle Rock Farm

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Well it’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to announce that we are finally opening the gates of Eagle Rock Farm […]

14 08, 2011

At last… donkey foals now available for sale

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Well it’s been a long time coming as we packed up from our old farm and moved to the new one (big, big job!!) and […]

18 02, 2011

Tell eBay to Stop Selling Puppy Mill Dogs

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Yesterday was a bad day.  My beautiful TJ the beagle had a relapse of the same slipped disc problem that resulted in his surgery 18 […]

4 02, 2011

Holy fruit bat… what am I supposed to do with this little fella? Any tips appreciated!

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Ok so this one has got me stumped… We had a bit of a mini-cyclone at the farm on Wednesday just as Yasi was lashing […]