18 01, 2011

OK… This Gross… But My Chook Really Laid This Thing!

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So one of my chooks has been off the lay and looking a bit scrappy lately around its backside.  I was wondering if it was […]

10 01, 2011

Shoalhaven Poultry Auction – 20 March – 500 Birds for Sale

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I know some of you have been chasing chooks and poultry of varying descriptions… here’s your chance to find exactly what you want” The Shoalhaven […]

9 01, 2011

Subscribe and Receive Farmer Jen’s Blogs Post – Free and Direct to Your Email Inbox – As Soon as they’re Posted

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You might have noticed I’ve been making a few changes to the website and blog, so that I can get news out to you quickly […]

9 01, 2011

Dorper Ewes and Whethers Available – 2009 and 2010 Drops

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Thanks everyone for your patience with the Dorpers… I finally have some good news for you with our 2010 drop lambs ready for sale – $220 […]

4 01, 2011

Buying and Transporting Livestock Across Australia?

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I often receive messages from readers asking if I ship livestock around Australia or if I know of local breeders in various states of Australia (I’m based […]

3 01, 2011

Rains, Floods and Fly Strike in Dorper Sheep – It’s Not What You Might Expect

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Well if you thought that after 10 years of drought this unseasonal rain and flooding would be just what the farmers ordered, then think again. […]

1 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

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A new day, a new year, a new problem to solve at the farm.  Today it was waking up to a scorcher of a summers […]

4 10, 2010

Welcome to the World, Flopsy!

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Well it’s been raining all weekend at the farm… which is good luck at the best of times… but it must have been especially lucky […]

23 09, 2010

Do Alpacas Make Good Pets?

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This is the most common query I receive in the emails and phone calls I field about alpacas.  Once I was asked “would an alpaca […]

10 09, 2010

F2 – F3 – F4 – What do the Numbers Mean?

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I’m often asked by prosective buyers of our Dorpers “How do I know what the numbers mean? F4? 3rd X ? etc”

Our Dorper herd is […]