You might have noticed I’ve been making a few changes to the website and blog, so that I can get news out to you quickly and easily.  With so much going on at the farm and off, the good news is I’ll be able to get news out to you as soon as it breaks… so you can expect to get more tips and news straight from the horse’s mouth (and the donkeys and Dorpers too!)

For those of you interested in receiving blog posts direct to your email inbox, you can now subscribe to this free service.  I will be using the blog to notify everyone when new stock is available, including donkeys and Dorpers which are always in high demand.

To subscribe and receive my blog posts direct to your email address, simply click on this link or you can even complete your details right here:


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Alternately you can follow the posts by RSS feed or simply check in here at to see what’s happening on the website.

I will occasionally distribute newsletters as well… but the blog is really where you’ll find the news.

Hope this helps everyone, and if you have any questions as always you can drop me a line here.