Thanks everyone for your patience with the Dorpers… I finally have some good news for you with our 2010 drop lambs ready for sale – $220 each for whethers and $320 each for ewes.  We also have some 2009 drop ewes available – $320 per ewe.  We also have a couple of 2009 whethers left over that will be no good for meat (a bit too mature now for most people’s liking) but would make great lawnmowers for those of you wanting pets – they are just $180 each.

Ours our white Dorpers and our 2010 drop are F4, with 2009 being a mix of F3 and F4.  All stock is vaccinated, drenched and ready to go.  Free delivery within the Southern Highlands area (NSW) is available on lots of 10 or more – for smaller quantities or for areas further afield please contact me to discuss delivery options (I may be able to help you for a small additional fee or put you in touch with a recommended carrier).

As you know Dorpers are in extremely high demand at the moment and very difficult to come across so if you are interested in placing an order please contact me as soon as possible using the contact form on this website.  I will update this post when all stock has been depleted.