27 06, 2010

Management of Donkeys – New Resources Directory with Tips and Common Health Issues

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Well as my little donkey herd is slowly expanding as has the number of enquiries I’m now getting for both donkeys and donkey management tips. […]

5 06, 2010

The Boundaries and the Great Divides

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I’ve been in the city working for a few days.  It’s such a stark contrast leaving the farm and being back in the city.  In […]

6 04, 2010

Donkey Maintenance

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I received an email from Sarah today asking for advice on whether she can keep a Jack and Jenny together year round, and how to […]

13 03, 2010

Lambing Season has Begun!

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My niece Emily has moved in with us and was just stoked today to see the birth of twin lambs this afternoon, her first time […]

7 03, 2010

Lamb Price is Best Baa None

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From: The Daily Telegraph
March 02, 2010

THE cost of breeding sheep has more than doubled on a year ago as producers bet prices – already at […]

21 02, 2010

Lamb Reaches Record Highs

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Have you noticed how the price of lamb has gone through the roof lately?  Apart from the meat we produce on the farm, I choose […]

26 01, 2010

Why donkeys?

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“Why donkeys?” is the usual response when I tell people that I breed donkeys.  Closely followed by “what for?”

The answer to the first question is they are […]

19 01, 2010

We’re back!

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Well… you probably haven’t even noticed that I’ve been missing in action for the past year…. but in case you did notice that I’d disappeared, […]

23 01, 2009

Hardly the neighbourly thing to do

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Back in the city and it’s such a stark difference from the community spirit we enjoy with our neighbours at the farm.  It makes the […]

21 01, 2009

Lucky Last Donkey Foal Leaves Home

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We had just one jack foal left to sell for the year… and he was sold to a family on a 1 acre houseblock.  Something […]