6a00e551f1f5158833010536a5035e970b-320wiWe had just one jack foal left to sell for the year… and he was sold to a family on a 1 acre houseblock.  Something tells me he’s going to live a spoiled existence!

Here he is in his finery, practicing being tied up ready for the journey to his new home.  At about 10 months of age he’s a little bit behind schedule in moving off, but that’s mainly because I was slow in marketing the foals.

With the new little ones born in the past couple of months, I’ll be marketing them much earlier – from around 3 to 4 months old ready to move at 6 months.  They’ll also be handled and trained a lot more than the first season of foals – another lesson I’ve learned along the way to improve their marketing.

Doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye, although we always know there will be more foals on the way next year!