I’ve been in the city working for a few days.  It’s such a stark contrast leaving the farm and being back in the city.  In the city the beagles are walked on leads.  In the city neighbours don’t drop in for a chat like our neighbours at the farm.  And in the city there is selfishness everywhere.

One of my favorite examples is the nature strips on the curbsides in the suburbs.  Walking the beagles, I’m left scratching my head in amazement when I see this one: pefectly manicured lawn on the footpath in front of a house, edges trimmed and as flat as a bowling alley.  Right to the point where the fence boundary ends.  Then it turns into a rainforest equivalent of unkempt grass.  Sometimes the neighbour’s area is only a metre or two more, before the driveway starts.  Yet the divide is clear.

Is it that hard to mow a nature strip for your neighbour?  Possibly, if all you care about in your world is how green your own grass is.