Yesterday was a bad day.  My beautiful TJ the beagle had a relapse of the same slipped disc problem that resulted in his surgery 18 months ago and had to be rushed to the local vet hospital.  You might wonder why such special treatment for a beagle that we bought for just a fraction of what his vet bills have since amounted to… but TJ is quite simply a very special dog.  When the other animals were sick on the farm, TJ was always the first one to the rescue, like when he tried so hard to look after this little calf when it was sick:

The truth is I like to think that all dogs are special and I love our beagles so much that it’s hard to comprehend how people could farm dogs in “puppy mills”… but they do.  “Puppy mills” or “Puppy Farms” are large-scale commercial operations where dozens of dogs are kept in small cages for their entire lives, forced to give birth to litter after litter until they’re no longer fertile, at which point they’re usually killed. Puppy mills are unsafe, inhumane, and produce thousands of puppies with serious health problems every year.

Despite the efforts of various authorities to shut down puppy mills and discourage consumers from buying animals from pet shops, which are the main distribution channel for these creeps who run the farms, puppy mills have found a new and bigger vendor: eBay.

A few years ago, eBay had plans to sell animals via online auction. Responsible breeders would never sell dogs via online auction, so this would have resulted in the site becoming a haven for puppy mills. eBay users and anti-cruelty activists spearheaded — and won — the fight to prevent eBay from selling live animals.

But now all that’s changed.

Despite eBay’s claims that it “do[es] not condone unethical treatment of animals,” eBay now allows puppy mills to sell dogs in its classified section.

If you love dogs, I implore you to sign the petition by to send your message to eBay that selling puppy mill dogs is just not on.