05Millie and Baby have been absolutely attrociously behaved in the past few weeks.  Apart from their general mesdemeanors, they’ve been digging holes under the fence every weekend and chasing the foxes and kangaroos for hours on end.  Millie in particular thinks nothing of going for 12 hours at a time.

Now I’m more than happy for them to chase the vermin off the property, is it really necessary to take off for all of the daylight hours? (and sometimes all night?)  Thankfully TJ knows which side of the bread it’s buttered on and of the 3 naughty beagles, he’s the best behaved (which isn’t saying much – but at least he doesn’t normally run off with the girls!).

This photo is the aftermath of Millie’s all night bender.  She – and Baby – were virtually motionless (perhaps they were comatose?) for the 2 days following.  Goodness knows how many miles they covered.  But at least they came back… eventually!