Here at Spring Creek we have a beautiful array of native Australian bird.  And one of my favourites is the galah, mainly because I had a pet galah when I was growing up.  Actually, I found that one walking along the side of the road when I was taking the dogs for a walk with my mum.  “Michael” (as he called himself – he could talk quite a bit actually) ran up my arm and sat on my shoulder all the way home, and lived with us for many years until he died of old age.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find a galah at the farm one day.  He was sitting on the ground out in the paddock and let me walk right up to him and pick him up (he’d obviously been reared or tamed by someone and was then let loose).  I had a bowl of sunflower seeds at the house that I sometimes put out for the native rosellas and smaller birds, so I took him to the seeds and he ate and ate til he’d had enough.

At that point Millie and Baby decided it would be fun to chase him (actually I think they wanted to eat him – but luckily he’s a good flyer and got away) but he came back and sat on the back porch every morning for breakfast of more seeds.

This is a photo of TJ sniffing the “Cockie” as I called him – and getting a bite on the nose from Cockie.  Ouch!