Of all the livestock and wildlife at the farm, nothing takes TJ’s fancy quite as much as the alpacas.  He just loves nothing more than chasing the alpacas.  Problem is, the alpacas don’t mind chasing TJ too!  And they are pretty good at keeping the dogs at bay.

Alpacas are excellent herd protectors and have a really interesting technique of protecting the youngest members of the herd.  If a dog is detected, the male alpacas in the herd (or a dominant female) will approach the dog, while the rest of the adult herd will form a circle around the younger alpacas.  This protective ring keeps the young crias safe in the middle of the circle while the stronger adults take turns facing off against the dogs.

I’m sure TJ would like to think he has these alpacas under his control; but clearly from this footage this is not quite the case!

This has got to be one of my favourite clips from the farm – hilarious!