That’s what everyone asked when I told them my first herd was arriving. Some people thought they were “like sheep, aren’t they?” and some thought they were llamas (much closer than sheep!) Actually Alpacas are like a smaller version of llamas.  They are from South America, however they are ideal for the Australian climate and so Australia is now the largest producer of alpacas outside of South America My herd started with 3… and followed with another larger herd so I now have about 25 in total. They are all shapes and sizes and our breeding program is becoming more effective, now that I have a new male stud.

What does one farm alpacas for?  The fleece – which is shorn off like wool from a sheep – is fine for spinning and I also sell my alpacas for herd protectors – they protect sheep and chickens etc from foxes which are prolific in our area. The babies are called crias and are really cute – our latest was born just a month ago. Yes, the alpacas are a funny looking creature but I like them all the same.