Well anyone who knows me will think I’ve done well to get this far without talking about the beagles yet. “The beagles” are Millie, Baby and TJ – or Mad, Bad and Sad as I’ll later describe –  and are the most spoilt farm dogs you’re ever going to meet.

Actually they’re not just farm dogs – when I go to the city for work, they come with me too (mostly because they can’t be trusted at the farm!)

So Millie is the oldest and is the alpha dog of the pack.  I say she’s the Mad one in the pack because even though she’s about 5 years old now, she still acts like a puppy whenever a tennis ball or kangaroo are anywhere near by!  At the farm she’s not allowed out of the house yard under ANY circumstances – or else she’ll go chasing the kangaroos and can be gone for days at a time.

Baby is just plain bad.  She’s 3 years old and is always the centre of destruction and naughtiness. Although having said this she is pretty well behaved at the farm and is actually quite a good helper when I need an extra “person” to help in rounding up the stock and keeping an eye on things.

TJ is sad because, well, he’s sort of a SNAG and gets all concerned whenever he thinks someone isn’t happy or if we change his routine in any way. He’s cuddly as a bear though and my little shadow. He’s particularly good with sick animals and in helping me find weak calves in the paddock.

So you’ll see that they each have quite distinct personalities and very much enjoy their existence in our family!