It was time for the cows to be vaccinated and drenched for worms and parasites.  The new bull calves also needed to be tagged with their magnetic NLIS ear tags and castrated with rubber rings.  But with me out of action waiting the arrival of my own little baby, we’d put the job off til another set of hands were available.  This came in the visit of my brother in law Kym, a specialist dairy farmer who we think is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to farming knowledge.

So I got all the girls together and after a brief conference, down the came to the crush for their 7-in-1 vaccinations and ivomectin drenching.

With an experienced farmer in charge we were done in no time at all…  and we managed to get the sheep through as well which was fabulous.

All done for at least another 6 months when they’ll be ready for a top up drench.  Until then, they’re happy as.