So it’s already 2009, who can believe it?  I’ve set a lot of resolutions for the farm – like finally planting those tree lines we’ve talked about for 3 years now.  And getting the veggie patch under way at last.  And making a profit from the livestock sales.  Something tells me it’s going to be a busy year.

122With a bit of luck we’ll see the end of the drought and get some good pastures under growth as well this year.  The millet crop we planted at the beginning of December has mostly taken and we’re waiting for the growth to pick up before the cattle get a go at that one.  As I write this some ominous looking rain clouds are blowing in… fingers crossed we’ll get some to keep spurring the millet on.

Already we’ve had enquiries for more alpacas, and the enquiries keep coming through for more donkey foals.  If we can get the same interest in the beef and the lamb herds, we’ll be laughing!

In any case, it’s going to be an exciting year.  I just hope I get a bit more achieved before the year passes like 2008 did!