777Millie and Baby have been at it again. They dug out of the yard at the farm late in the afternoon after we got home at the farm and took off for the night, only to emerge about 10 hours later a little the worse for wear but otherwise fine. Except for the ticks.

Because the farm is located just on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range and is far enough inland, we are fortunate not to have paralysis ticks. But around this time of year the bush ticks seem to be prevalent, a fact I had forgotten until the girls arrived home covered in them. Needless to say I wasn’t happy!

After bathing them, picking about 30 ticks off of them and dosing them with Frontline Plus spot on and a series of Proban tablets, the girls had the idea that I wasn’t happy with them. But at least the ticks were under control.

And has it taught the girls anything about their great escapes? Probably not… but at least it quieted them down a little for a day or two.